Username Issues For Bonus Sites

If you joined a site that comes with bonus sites (not all do), and have tried unsuccessfully to login to a bonus site multiple times and failed each time, your account may now be blocked for that site.  This block will automatically resolve itself within an hour. If you are still having issues, even after waiting for your account to reset on the site

My Username Doesn’t Work

If you are unable to login to the paysite, please check the username & password you received by email when you first signed up to the site. Your username/password is also located here if you were billed by CCBill [you will need 2 of the following 3 items: Email Address, Credit Card Number or Subscription Number to access your login/password]. It may be a good idea to copy & paste both the login/password instead of typing it yourself into the login/password prompt. If you get a white page when trying to login or a page that says authentication has failed after double checking your login details, please contact support here and include your IP address which may be found here.